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Double sided gold Egyptian cartouche with your name hieroglyphics

One of our most special gold Egyptian cartouche double sided with hieroglyphic your name on both sides of the 18k gold cartouche. Beautiful and heavy gold double sided cartouche 18K gold Personalized and handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics on both sides.

$ 395.00
$ 325.00

Choice of Cartouche Size

  • Double Sided Cartouche 1-4 characters $325.00
  • Double Sided Cartouche 5-6 characters $355.00
  • Double Sided Cartouche 7-9 characters $395.00

  • 18K Gold Box Chains

  • This cartouche available in 18k gold and Silver
  • Gold cartouche is handmade in Egypt

  • Click here to view our chains
  • Click here to view your name in Egyptian hieroglyphics


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Gold Cartouche