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About Egyptian Jewelry

 From the pre-historic beginning of people settling the banks of the river Nile to Cleopatra's demise in 30 BC, Egyptian jewelry was not just for adornment.  It had other religious and magical purposes, such as the
scarab for rebirth and renewal and the ankh amulet as a symbol of eternal
life. Gold was the metal of choice for the pharaoh; it was thought to be the
flesh of the sun-god, and eternal. Silver was  considered to be a form of
white gold, and also from the sun. It was often studded with stones, such as
lapis, turquoise, and carnelian.

    We have a large selection of Egyptian jewelry, all inspired by ancient
Egyptian craftsman and brought to you with over 20 years experience.
     Our popular Cartouche, a name plate for ancienct Egyptian kings and
queens, is available sterling silver, 18k gold, or 2-tone combination. We
have matching pendants, earrings, and bracelets, personalized with an
inscription of your choice.

We do the manufacturing of our own jewelry in Egypt and bringing it directly to you,
we are able to eliminate the usual 'middlemen'. We bring you the largest
inventory of Egyptian silver and gold cartouche jewelry in the world, all
at incredible values.






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